The 25th Anniversary U10 Championship Tournament will be help on June 29-July 2, 2018.

UPDATE: Registration is now closed. Tournament is full. You can register below to be on the wait list if any teams decide to drop out. 

Teams Registered:

  1. Abbottsford Outlaws
  2. Cloverdale Fury 2008   [Engbrecht]
  3. Cloverdale Mite Selects   [Akiyama]
  4. Coquitlam Classics [Nussbaum]
  5. Coquitlam Fireballs [Buchanan]
  6. Delta Inferno Mighty Mites
  7. Fleetwood Force   [Barwise]
  8. Ladysmith Mid Island Supermites  [Hawes]
  9. Langford    [Moen]
  10. Langley Wild   [Perry]
  11. Lakehill Victoria   [Zehr]
  12. North Langley Thunder 2008    [Trudeau]
  13. North Shore Stars   [Armes]
  14. Richmond Islanders 2008   [Nishi]
  15. Ridge Meadows Pride Mite Select   [Ross]
  16. Ridge Meadows Mites [Reaume]
  17. SSWR Thunder 2008   [Pilchak]
  18. Surrey Storm   [Huppe]
  19. TriCity Titans 2008    [Graham]
  20. TriCity Titans 2009-A     [Grootendorst]
  21. Vancouver Mitey Wildcats  [Akizuki]

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