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Where do I sign up? HERE

Do I have a Softball ID#? Where do I get one?  Players, coaches, and umpires must register with Softball BC to participate in softball activities and ensure required insurance coverage. Anyone who has ever (officially) played, coached, or umpired softball in BC has a personal Softball BC Lifetime Membership number. Use it to register as a softball player, coach, or umpire (including minor or adult fastpitch or slow-pitch) anywhere in BC forever. Please enter your correct Softball BC number when you register.

If you are new to softball (or new to BC), there’s a $10 one-time cost for a Softball BC Lifetime Membership. We will purchase a new membership for our coaches who don’t have one already, subject to a maximum of 4 coaches per team.

What does my child need to play?

Uniform : For players in U10-U19, each child will be given a jersey and socks. Our uniform pant is white softball pants – they can be purchased at the below links for prices ranging from $8-40 depending on your preference Prostock , MVP or online HERE & HERE.

Learn to Play (we call them wee Acorns): Acorns will be supplied with shirts. They just need to show up in comfortable, athletic pants and runners.

Equipment: A glove is required and may be purchased at any major sporting goods or department stores for as little as $20 (beginners, 5-7 years) and $100 or more. Helmets with chin straps or compression helmets are required for batters; we recommend purchasing your own for about $30. BMSA supplies pitching masks and catching gear. Some infield players also prefer to bring their own mask.

Proper footwear is required. Recommended is baseball or soccer shoes/cleats (metal spikes not permitted). A selection of quality fastpitch certified bats are provided in the coach’s equipment bag; however, many older players prefer to bring their own certified minor fastpitch bat. 

When does my child play / practice?

U10 Team HERE Coaches Randy & Marisa

U12 Team HERE Coaches Marianne, Arielle & Shannon

U14 HERE Coaches Mana & Kin

U16 HERE Coach Ken & Hannah

U19 2002’s HERE

U19 2001’s HERE

If we get an email with a questions not covered more than 2 times, we will add to FAQ so please send an email to HI@Burnabysoftball.org and will get right back to you!

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