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Frequently Asked Questions:

"Got Questions? We’ve Got Answers!"

We try to cover the most frequently asked questions by players and parents. Please see below if we have an answer for you!

What equipment I need?"
To begin the softball season, we ask for kids to have a well fitted helmet with optional cage for batting (mandatory), a glove (see below), a pair of cleats (rubber not metal) and a gym bag to carry everything to practices and games.

"What if I haven't played before?"
No problem! Everyone starts from the beginning at some point. Our coaches are well trained in teaching the proper technique and play.

"How much will it cost?"
U6 - $85 , U8-U10 $110, U12-U19 $185

"Do you provide additional training?"
Yes, we host player clinics in the fall, winter and during the playing season. Please check out the website for dates/ times/ locations.

"Can my daughter play with her friend/family member?
Yes, as long as their birth year is inline with the division they are playing in. In the U10 program, we can be more flexible though in the U12-U19 divisions, we must adhere to the Softball BC rules.

"How do I buy the right glove?"
U12 use an 11’ ball, U14-U19 use a 12’ ball . The glove needs to be large enough to hold/ catch the ball. 11 is the most common size of glove for youth. Try lots, and find the one that feels good on & doesn’t off when you arms are at your side. Our friends at MVP will help you choose the right glove and will give you 10% off as well. Just mention you are playing with BMSA.

"How do I select the right bat?"
BMSA supplies bats for each team but if you wish to buy your own, this choice depends on the height and weight of the player. You want to get the lightest bat possible for fast bat speed. Our friends at MVP will be able to get you the perfect one. Check out a great resource JUSTBATS.COM as they have a great buying guide. [/toggle]

"What is the best way to break in a brand new glove?"
Always keep a softball in pocket of your glove, especially when you are not playing. Wrap a tensor bandage around it and let it sit in the hot sun so the leather can warm up and form to the shape of the ball. Lots of catching with your new glove will break it in much quicker as well as fast throws into the pocket. A glove oil on a leather glove will help soften it and preserve the leather.

"Do you offer training for specific skills like pitching or batting?"
Yes, we hold pitching + hitting clinics in the off season as well as during the season itself. There are a no cost except $5 for a ball for pitchers. We have 2 pitching machines, one for beginners and one for more advanced players which helps with hitting instruction.

"For Parents: How can I help my child to be a better ball player?"
Just by playing catch daily for 20-30 minutes can vastly improve your child’s skills. Be attentive to the coach when they are instructing at practices so you can pick up the proper technique in order to keep the instruction on the same page as the coach.[/t

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